At our core.

Well met, esteemed reader.

As your time is valuable, allow me to briefly state who we are and what we do. We distribute games and gaming accessories in the Benelux Area to a large number of friendly-neighborhood-gaming-shops and are based in Antwerp, Belgium.  We are small but fierce and see new partners flocking to our side every day.

There…..on to the juicy stuff..

One of the pillars of Core Origins Gaming is the mission to be different. Let me walk you through some of our ‘core’ building blocks. Keep also in mind that the below-mentioned keywords of our division aren’t listed in any order of importance. They are all vital….and yes I tried to move them around to find a cool acronym for at least five minutes. J

Community.  The industry we know is a game of buying and selling boxes.
What game? We don’t care as long as our profits are there.  Pardon my language but screw that.  We are a part of the same community.  The creative genius who builds games, the companies like me that pick it up and sell it to the shops and the shop that sells it to the lucky individual that may play it.
Focus on making as much profit as you can and you strangle at least one link of the chain i just described.  We make a profit to live and grow and the rest gets pumped back into our community.  How?  Ask me…

Passion. The moment you stop caring about your product you might as well stop selling it altogether. “A good salesman can sell anything”…yes, but at the cost of so many things. Everyone on our team is a gamer and will probably be a gamer for the rest of their natural lives. We get that glazy shine in our eyes when we see the new ‘hotness of the week’ and are able to convey that sentiment to our clients and partners. Passion is all, never forget.

Ethics. Our strongest USP and perhaps the hardest to describe. I will bestow upon you a collection of business clichés, you will get my drift. “Our word is our bond” “We care about your profit margins” “We will advise you truthfully if this product isn’t suited for your enterprise” “We are going for the win-win on all fronts” Yes, I have heard it all before but guess what..WE MEAN IT.  We have been called dreamers and idealists but there is path to follow, and we stick by it.  We also kinda require the same from everyone we work with 🙂

Flexibility. This is all about turning a disadvantage into an advantage. In the arena of game distribution, we are the proverbial mouse in the house. We are small (now) and have yet to gnaw our way into the business. Some of the more established brands might look us over and settle for other channels that have been around for some time. Still, being established does not always mean you have the superior product. We, due to our virgin like fresh-ness, (and yes it sounded better in my head) are not bogged down by deals that exclude certain brands or products. We also have the possibility to react much quicker to changes in the market. You have an idea, a proposition or a proverbial longs-hot up your sleeve? Let us know!

Fun. The reason why we, and thus you, sell games. Richard Branson states that he does not work, he just enjoys what he does every day. Eighty percent of your time is spent working, it would be a shame to not enjoy it to the fullest, no?  So yes, we have a serious side at cog..but a hell of a lot of care Is also spend in making this business fun for us and everyone we work with.

See you out there, keep it cardboard!

Fred Colman

Division manager